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C&S Gold Genie Spiral Wheel With Auto Feeder

The basic Gold Genie Spiral Wheel is user friendly, easy to set-up and is capable of saving more of your gold. The Gold Genie can also save huge amounts of time while reducing labor requirements. The basic Gold Genie comes complete with a 12 volt recirculating water pump, a 18″ bright blue polypropylene plastic wheel to highlight the gold in the black sands as they climb the face of the pan. The frame is anodized steel for long life. The Gold Genie Spiral Wheel is capable of recovering 95% of the gold in concentrates down to 500 mesh and can process up to 100 pounds of black sands in an hour.

C&S Sales Upgraded Gold Genie Spiral Wheel

The custom C&S version of the Gold Genie Spiral Wheel adds a special automatic feed assembly to enhance the capabilities of the original machine. In addition, the spiral wheel stand is modified and mated to a 200 gallon stock tank. The stock tank holds the auto feeder and the processing water, consolidating the operation into one self contained unit. The C&S auto feeder for the Gold Genie makes it easy to deliver the correct amount of gold concentrates at the proper rate. This combination helps the spiral wheel operate at peak efficiency, resulting in better gold separation and more money in your pocket.

C&S Gold Genie Spiral Wheel Pricing

  • Genie With Tank & Auto Feeder: 1295.00
  • Auto feeder for Genie – 195.00
  • Crating – 100.00 – 400.00
  • Shipping – Freight Collect
  • Payment – Check or Money Order

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C&S Gold Genie Spiral Wheel Package

Complete Gold Genie Spiral Wheel

Mounted to a 200 gallon tank

Adjustable, automatic feeder

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